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QQ: 663436545

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      Guangdong new queen industrial co., LTD., founded in 2008, is located in dongguan city, guangdong province huang town furong road no. 7. And set up sales companies and production base in jiangsu province. The company since its inception, long-term commitment to a variety of special purpose steel plate, spare parts, automation equipment design and installation of the r&d and manufacturing, especially in high wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance and high strength steel processing, manufacturing and application research. Company through their unremitting efforts, has become a special metal materials, manufacturing, research and development of application and automation equipment design, manufacture, installation and comprehensive technical entities.

     Company main products are: wear-resistant plate, composite wear-resistant overlaying welding steel, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant materials, ultra high strength steel plate; Electronics (PCB/CCL) on the bearing plate, plate, pressing the middle clapboard, high-strength aluminum pressing plate, hot press plate protection board, pressing return line and automation equipment design, manufacture, installation. Products covered by the electronic material manufacturing/CCL (PCB), cement manufacturing, mining, thermal power, steel manufacturing, paper making, coal industry, waste incineration, glass manufacturing, strengthen the body, engineering machinery, fluid pipelines need to wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, quality and technology in a leading position at home and abroad.

      Company introduced European and Japanese high quality raw materials and finishing techniques, with complete automation equipment and strict quality process control, not only can according to customer requirements specification produce customer satisfaction products, also can do OEM production for trade services. To provide/CCL (PCB) industry SUS630 pressing isolation plates, carrying on the chassis, cover plate, and pressing the middle baffle plate leveling, stress relieving, grinding, polishing and other maintenance services. And the company has its own processing center and the construction team, can provide customers from product design, manufacturing, and processing to the field installation and debugging, warehousing, distribution of one-stop service.

     Company materials all come from the world famous enterprises: Japan metallurgy industry co., LTD (NAS), the new steel co., LTD. (NSS), roach (Ruukkl), Finland, Germany Thyssenkrupp company (its), arcelor. Mr Mittal, Belgium (ArcelorMittal) are gathered (Duferco), Sweden (SSAB), wuyang iron and steel group steel (NM), at the iron and steel shares (NM), the United States (ALCOA), southwest aluminum (ALCO), etc. Current market has covered all over the country, and actively expand overseas.

     The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification. Based on a modern management mode, to create high quality, high credibility, high quality service enterprise brand and higher visibility. Companies adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development with technology, market-oriented, service for the purpose of" business philosophy, to provide users with comprehensive, diversified, wide level of service. Willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life absolute sincerity cooperation, create brilliant.